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May 27 2021


6:00 pm


Dinner - $100 | Whiskey and Cocktail Pairing - $50

Pinhook Bourbon and Rye Six @ Six

Six courses starting at six o’clock p.m. by Chef Matt Cummins from Voncille’s in McGregor, Texas.

Dinner is $100. Whiskey and cocktail pairing is $50 and is encouraged.

A full cocktail and wine program is also available.

Service begins at 6 pm and reservations are required.

Course One

Fried carrot tops, burnt carrots, carrot sweet and sour

Rye Cobbler Cocktail using Rye’d On Rye

Course Two

Smoked tomato gazpacho, sliced leeks, Hill Country olive oil

Tiz Rye Time-4 year Rye

Course Three

Smoked, charred radicchio, pork belly, Alabama white sauce

War-5 year Bourbon

Course Four

Tomahawk ribeye, burnt vegetables

Build Your Own Old Fashioned using Bohemian Bourbon

Course Five

Homemade Peach Ice Cream

Course Six

Sweet Croque Madame

Strawberry and rosemary julep using Tiz Rye Time-5 year


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