Free Trolleys

Important Service Notice:

In accordance with National, State, and Local guidance and restrictions, pertaining to mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Waco Transit System (WTS) will only allow up to 10 people per vehicle (including the driver) at any given time. In order to assist WTS in this effort, we ask that passengers practice social distancing by utilizing seats that do not have a sign indicating “seat unavailable” on them. We apologize for any inconvenience, but your cooperation and adherence to these practices will allow Waco Transit System to continue to provide essential transportation services to the citizens of Waco and surrounding communities. The health and safety of Waco Transit System operators and the general public are top priorities.

Please note, Waco Transit System will not be running the Silo District Trolley until further notice.  La Salle Circle Shuttle will be running, Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Routes may vary due to construction in the area.


Schedule: Monday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Click here for a printable pdf of the La Salle/Circle Shuttle Route.


Waco Transit System will not be running The Silo District Trolley until further notice.

Click here for a printable pdf of the Silo District Trolley Route.


If you need a wheelchair accessible bus, please call 254-750-1613 to make arrangements.

About these Routes

Both the Silo District Trolley and the LaSalle-Circle Shuttles are flag-stop routes. Simply flag the driver at any safe spot along the route, and he/she will pick you up. Make eye contact and wave your arm to make it clear you would like a ride. Both are FREE OF CHARGE.

Both routes are approximately 15-20 minutes long, depending on traffic.

Parking in Downtown Waco

The City of Waco provides a FREE VISITOR PARKING GARAGE attached to the Dr. Mae Jackson Development Center. Enter the garage from 4th street.  Look for the bright green pillar showing where to enter the garage. The entrance is located within the parking lot itself, off 4th street between Austin Ave. and Franklin Ave.

There is free visitor parking in the parking lot facing Franklin Avenue, between University Parks Drive and 3rd Street. Please do not park in the Hilton parking lot unless you are a guest there.

Motorcoach and school bus parking is available at Heritage Square, located on the block bound by Washington Ave., Austin Ave. and between 3rd and 4th Streets.

Additional free parking for Magnolia Market is located off 8th Street behind the Market.

Track the Trolley in real time!

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Other Brochures

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