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Christi’s Shop

Christi’s Shop in downtown Waco is a hub for home decor and interior design. An eclectic boutique experience, her shop includes a showroom for Moon Rein Bedding Company, new and antique furniture, bronze sculptures, home decor, clothing, and candies.

About Christi

During the production of TLC’s original Trading Spaces television show, Christi joined the cast of interior designers traveling the U.S. helping neighbors transform each other’s homes. For four years she was a television personality, known for her charisma and ability to make people’s homes a more fitting reflection of their personalities and lifestyles. Now the owner of Christi’s Shop in downtown Waco, Christi is flourishing as an interior designer and continues to create and produce her custom Moon Rein bedding line.



1023 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701


(254) 235-1047