Harp Design Co.


808 N 15th Street
Waco, Texas 76707
Hours: 10-5 Monday – Saturday

Clint and Kelly Harp followed their dream and moved their family to Waco. Clint started his own business creating furniture repurposing wood from other projects, dilapidated houses slated for tear down, and other used wood. Harp met Chip Gaines of Magnolia Homes in a gas station parking lot. Gaines ended up ordering several pieces from Harp, and invited him to be a part of filming the pilot episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Clint wound up being featured regularly on the show visits to his business skyrocketed. Harp Design Co. includes the flaws in  the wood they use, purposely do not cover them during the building process, so that each furniture piece tells a unique story and remains connected with its past. They proudly rescue what has been discarded and recreate it into something beautiful and also good for the Earth. Visitors are welcome to visit the shop and showroom during business hours. Please keep in mind that the shop is a business and employees in the shop are working on projects and may not wish to be disturbed. The showroom staff is happy to answer questions.

Watch for Harp’s show pilot to air on the DIY network.